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We are The Peace Coalition,

a non-profit association focused on promoting peace by combining research, policy guidance and on-the-ground support for compensation, restitution and rebuilding for victims of displacement due to war and climate change.

We are working with local and international experts and donors to pilot a Home, Land and Property (HLP) mass claims restitution process, supported by advanced new technologies and modern urban master planning. We will put theory into practice by conducting rebuilding projects in war affected towns and villages across Ukraine.

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The Problem

14 million Ukrainians have been displaced by the illegal Russian invasion, and millions have had their homes damaged or destroyed.

The Ukrainian government faces the monumental task of getting millions of returnees back into their homes, or compensating them. Estimates of the cost to rebuild Ukraine, provide compensation to victims, and return to normal economic capacity range from $349 billion (The World Bank) to over $1 trillion (EIB).

The government of Ukraine is running a monthly budget deficit of $3 to $5 billion. This deficit is forecast to be $38 billion in 2023, leaving the government without sufficient funds to provide compensation to war crimes victims, or to begin the process of rebuilding damaged and destroyed HLP and public infrastructure.

Since Ukraine doesn’t have the necessary financial resources, on November 14 the U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution calling for Russia to be held accountable for violating international law by invading Ukraine, and to financially compensate Ukraine for widespread property damage.

The Solution

Ukraine must find an efficient way to document and process millions of home rebuilding claims, including those from claimants who may not have a property deed or other formal proof of occupancy.

Ukraine should adopt a mass claims property restitution process, which allows for batch processing of claims, as opposed to incredibly time-consuming one-by-one adjudication. It should also allow claimants to prove their identity and residency claims using any evidence available, from audio/video testimonials to utility bills, ride-sharing history, neighbourhood knowledge, and photos documenting damage to their homes. The use of alternative evidence in mass claims is not new, and has significant precedent in previous conflicts.

Employing a mass claims process and being flexible regarding the kind of evidence accepted could accelerate restitution by many years if not decades, and also save hundreds of millions of dollars in administrative expenses.

Pilot Project

We propose a pilot project that will quickly and transparently rebuild two small Ukrainian towns. To examinethe functional parameters of a mass claims process for restitution and compensation, we have selected Andriivka and Kozarovychi, due to extensive property damage & destruction, and population dislocation.

Victims whose homes have been damaged or destroyed can apply for compensation via a secure digital platform, and use new types of digital evidence to prove their home ownership. The goal is to significantly accelerate what is typically a decades-long property restitution process, and provide a demonstration case that large development agencies can scale.

If successful, this process could transform post-war reconstruction, not just in Ukraine but around the globe. This pilot project will be conducted in a transparent manner with the knowledge, approval and cooperation of the Ukrainian federal, military local government authorities as well as civil society representatives and the civilian population.

Upon successful completion of the initial pilot projects, other communities will be encouraged to submit applications and a letter of intent to participate in further projects conducted in a similar manner.


ReNew and ReBuild Ukraine Conference - April 17, 2024

This event will offer new insights and approaches to funding recovery and discuss specific mechanisms to rebuild Ukraine sustainably, inclusively and transparently.

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