Towards designing systems to preserve peace by putting a cost on war

We are observing constant progress in many technical domains that influence the world on many socio-economic and socio-technical levels. Recent rapid development of decentralized solutions redefining the digital economy, or the current boom in AI are already restructuring our ways of thinking. Despite technological prosperity we have not progressed socially to the point where war would become obsolete. We are not day dreamers, and we do not think that we can eradicate war with technology. However, we do think that decentralized technology has reached a level where it can be used to enforce proper disincentives. In this paper we are presenting a Cost of War architecture that combines an array of recent technological advancements and literally puts a cost on war. We are proposing a system that proactively and retroactively calculates economic losses of an invaded country, provides a privacy-preserving and decentralized way of identifying citizens, and enables processing of their restitution and compensation claims. We believe that it is the first system that tries to address this unsettling global problem.

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