Can Ukraine Transform Post-Crisis Property Compensation and Reconstruction?

The potential for Ukraine’s eRecovery program to help transform post-crisis property compensation and restitution globally is hard to overstate. The program allows Ukrainians whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by Russian aggression to apply for and receive compensation through the Ukrainian government’s Diia e-government platform. This innovation marks the first-ever example of a compensation process for damaged or destroyed property that is implemented digitally, at scale, while hostilities are ongoing. If managed effectively, it could significantly decrease the time and costs of getting displaced persons back into their homes, while increasing the transparency and security of the property return process. The program faces significant but addressable challenges, including legal ambiguities, technical limitations, and practical issues in implementation. The eRecovery program is a dynamic case study of government innovation that highlights the complexities and opportunities in digital governance for crisis recovery. It also suggests a need for active refinement to ensure effectiveness and inclusivity in addressing widespread displacement and property damage.

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