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Goal and Mission

Our goal is to create a friendly sustainable future focussing on a climate-neutral environment by 2050

What will 2050 look like?

The use of natural and physical resources, emissions of greenhouse gases, pollution from wars as well as social and economic factors have a great impact on the environment. Without serious changes in the way the planet is managed, it will suffer irreparable damage.

As concerns about anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution become more widespread, the world is moving towards sustainable practices and policies, primarily through the adoption of sustainable business practices and increased investment in green technologies.

The principles of sustainable development refer to the three main concepts of environmental, social and economic sustainability, which are sometimes divided into "people, planet and profit". This means that in order to be considered sustainable, development must be able to conserve natural resources, maintain a healthy community and workforce, and generate sufficient profits to remain financially viable in the long term.

The concept of environmental sustainability places greater emphasis on life-sustaining systems, such as the atmosphere or soil, that must be maintained for economic production or the existence of human life. In contrast, social sustainability focuses on the human impact of economic systems, and this category includes efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger, as well as combat inequality.

Sustainable development economics is environmentally sensitive and takes into account social, cultural and financial aspects. Creating a sustainable economy is a modern challenge for the world, at the level of international and national legislation, consumption, urban planning, transport, and affects the lifestyle of every person.

The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent challenge and an opportunity to build a better future for everyone while preserving our planet. DCSE follows the principles of sustainability and development of the climate neutral economy strategy for 2050.

Our mission is to provide professional services in consulting, design, construction, social and environmental improvement of the quality of life with the achievement of results that correspond to the best global practices in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of advanced global systems of sustainable development.